Book Synopsis

"Friendship consists in forgetting what one gives and remembering what one receives."
~ Alexander Dumas

J.J. Pips

Penned in 1903, the first of J.J. Pips’ memoirs recounts the remarkable details of a shocking event in the young bulldog’s life. While working in an English village bakery, which is owned by the human family who adopted he and his older brother, J.J. is horrified to learn that his beloved brother, Arty, has been dognapped by a brutal press gang, which has forced him to do labor aboard their ship. 

J.J. Pips

Armed with nothing more than loyalty and determination, J.J. urgently sets off to rescue Arty. During this extraordinary journey, J.J. experiences both heart-warming and eyebrow-raising encounters. But no distraction will take him off course.  Nothing is more important than helping his brother in need.

"An inspiring story of loyalty and brotherly love that will leave you wanting to have J.J. Pips over for a cup of tea to hear more of his adventures." — Gayle J.

"I wish the world had more people like J.J. Pips." — Tyler D., age 11

"It was a very rich story. Very touching, funny and thrilling!" — Michael S.

Today, more than ever, we need a hero to help guide us. Why can't this hero be a bulldog? — J.J. Israel

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